Al Noor Island - Things to Do, How to Reach and Tips

Noor Island Park – a fallow island off the coast of desert metropolis Sharjah, transformed into a transmedia landscape park as a new type of urban space. The Butterfly Pavilion with its golden gleaming sunshade roof that is discernible from afar is the architectural centre piece. The impressive, organically shaped steel structure of the butterfly house is covered in thousands of star-shaped metal blossoms, which paint ornamental patterns on the inside glass pavilion as the sunlight shines through them. In addition to a tropical rainforest habitat that is home to some 500 exotic butterflies, the building with the expressive design accommodates a souvenir shop and a café with an atmospheric ambiance.

An oasis of peace and tranquility amidst a sea of high-rises. 3deluxe’s Al Noor Island Sharjah Park is its answer to the global challenge of creating new urban spaces that are both inspiring and thought-provoking, that include electronic media in their design and that still take their location and its culture seriously. And the result, on Noor Island, is a 21st century landscaped garden where technology meets nature, light meets shade and the modern meets the traditional in a complex spatial experience.

Consisting of three interlocking segments, the roof covers an area of 800 square meters. Visitors find themselves standing inside an organic shell on tree-like steel columns with nine support points around the periphery. It is reminiscent of the cocoon spun by a butterfly. The steel supporting structure is secured by a continuous, 3D edge girder, which absorbs the strain on the roof, and by a network of nodes and triangular connections. The challenge with the steel elements, which were calculated using the finite element method (FEM), was to systemize the 4,000 individual nodes theoretically required in such a way that ultimately only 600 were needed to achieve the correct balance between variation and effectivity. The load-bearing steel structure and the aluminum petals, which are only 3 mm in thickness, converge at every node, adopting a large number of different angle brackets at several levels. Thus a flickering roof of petals emerged, beneath which connections and screw joints run invisibly.

Light is of central importance in Arab culture, and as such particular attention was paid to harmonizing the different shades of gold and degrees of luster in the various materials, thus creating a congruent whole. The challenge here was that the various parts, with their different coatings and colors, have to withstand sun and salt water, in other words, maritime conditions. The steel supports were varnished in a special hue, the nodes powder-coated and the flowers anodized.

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Biotox Gold Reviews - Biotox Gold Nutrition Supplements

Having extra pounds is like you have to say a big “NO” to all the foods you loved! Weight loss is something we are always craving for. Who doesn’t want a sleek body? Right! But most of the people want to get slim N trim sans leaving their favorite foods.

Therefore, we indulge in various sorts of diets and exercises, which ends up taking away all the willingness to shed excess fat. Do you now understand that such stubbornness of fat not going to leave you as much as you count on the wrong things? That is why we have compiled the Biotox Gold Customer Reviews which will help you to cut down excess fat. We bet it would be an apt product for your weight loss journey.

What is Biotox Gold?

Before plunge into the main context, you should know a detailed overview of Biotox Gold. Is it a legit supplement for weight loss? Does it help to boost metabolism? Well, we understand you have loads of questions regarding this product. Not to worry, we can cover you all!

Biotox Gold is a 100% natural weight loss supplement for you! It comes up with an unprecedented liquid-based formula that is intended for weight loss. Moreover, it possesses 20 eminent natural ingredients which are mainly known to curtail health issue and stubbornness of fat. The company ‘Biotix Nutrition’ diligently brought forth this supplement as it is the acute remedy for weight gaining problems.

Ingredients of Biotox Gold:

A natural weight loss supplement should be chemical-free, right? When you are hearing the term ‘natural’ you will definitely keep your eyes on the ingredient lists. As you are paying for this product, it’s common to know all the aspects.

Biotox Gold is a perfect amalgamation of 20 natural healing ingredients that will help you to get rid of undesired fat. Despite that, all these leading ingredients are amazingly advantageous to achieve weight loss goals. However, let’s take a glance at the ingredients below.

Malabar Tamarind:


Irvingia Gabonensis:

Eleuthero Root:

Panax Ginseng:

Advantages of using Biotox Gold weight loss supplement:

Does obesity your main concern or you want to boost immunity? Whatever it may be! You should definitely look into the real-life advantages before paying a dollar. There are innumerable advantages of biotox present. Let’s have a took:

Detox your body:

The significant rise in pollution is shattering our immunity every day. Therefore, detoxifying is mandatory. Biotox gold supplements are extremely helpful as it removes derogatory particles from blood.

Healthy metabolism:

Are you amidst the people who choose to skip their meals for weight loss? It is an unhealthy way as leading nutrients can’t reach our body and ends up destroying the immune system. Biotox Gold nourishes your body and helps to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Biotox Gold Weight loss supplement: Pricing

Are you thinking about the cost of this amazing product? Pricing is one of the leading things we all check before buying. It is quite justified, right? This fantabulous supplement is absolutely affordable to you! Therefore, let’s take a look at the pricing feature of this product:

These are the most reasonable price, isn’t it? Now visit the link provided above and get the supplement to your home.

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How to Watch Movies with Showbox Apk

Are you a Bollywood movie lover? If yes, then I have shared some interesting information about Bollywood movies. It has been a long time that Bollywood is bringing some of the great movies to us. But do you know that most of them have been a source from Hollywood? Well, it’s not that they are the copycat. Downloading show box to watch unlimited free movies, tv shows and more. They are an inspiration to the movie makers to bring that similar plot to people who are not aware of the Hollywood one.

Watch Movies With Showbox Apk:

We will be discussing about the Bollywood movies which were released in this 21st century.

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Intellectual Property Protection

















Intellectual theft has become more commonplace over the years. There are different ways of insuring your intellectual property. It has become increasingly harder to maintain sole right over your products but by taking certain steps, you can get to have control over the people that have access to your product and how they can use it. Product here does not refer to just a tangible item. These products include brand logos and designs, names, shapes, sounds and even certain combinations of colours. There are many ways of protecting your intellectual property but first, let us examine some of the more orthodox means.


Utility Patents
These are granted to individuals that discover or develop new and relevant items. This includes am article of manufacture, a useful process, a machine or a composition of matter.


Design Patents
These are granted to individuals who develop an original and ornamental design and outlook for any article of manufacture.


Plant Patents
These are granted ro individuals who develop or invents a new and distinct variety is asexually reproduced plants. For business orgamizations, there are four main types of intellectual property protection. These are:


These are granted to protect original works of authorship. Qualified products include literature, artistic works, music and computer software. Once you have the copyright to an item, you get to exclusive and sole rights to adapt, reproduce and distribute the work. Your work is eligible for copyright protection application from the moment it become tangible. Copyrighted works can however be eligible for attorney fees and statutory damages payment in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Therefore, I would recommend that you register your product at the US Copyright Office. This registration can be done online by three simple steps. You first complete an application, them you submit a nonrefundable $35 fee and then you complete the process by submitting a nonreturnable copy of the work under application.

The average time for processing electronically and paper filed applications is two months for those filed electronically and 5.6 months for paper submissions.The duration of a copyright varies according to different factors but most rimes, works created after January 1, 1978 have a copyright protection that will last for the entire period of the author's life and 70 years after that.However, this type of copyright cannot be renewed so 70 years after the author's death, the work becomes public property.The US Copyright office is always open for enquiries and you can visit their website for additional information.


Patents are granted to provide property rights for inventions and thus allow the patent holder to be the sole maker opand distributor of the invention.If you have a patent on an item, you exclude others from selling, producing or using the invention.A patent can be obtained by applying at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) The three main types of patents have been discussed earlier. These are the utility, plant and design patents.

Noteworthy facts about patents are:
* In order to qualify for utility patents, the invention being considered must be useful, novel and non-obvious. * A design patemrnusually lasts for 14 years while utility and plant patents have a duration of 20 years. The process of applying for patents is, however, complicated and expensive. The expenses at the end of the process usually runs into thousands of dollars nTherefore, the authority in charge (USPTO) recom!ends that you employ the services of a qualified patent agent or attorney while filing for your patwmr. You can visit the USPTO website for additional information about applying for patents.

A trademark is simply anything that differentiates the mnufafrurwrs of one brand from its competitions.This can be in the form of a symbol, a word or phrase, or a design. An example is the trademark 'swoosh' design of Nike products. Trademark rights can simply be earned by use and circulation but it is safer to register the brand mark with the USPTO. This makes it easier to fight for intellectual theft and enforce your trademark rights should an event call for it.

Before filing for the registration of your trademark, you should look through federal and state databases so you would be sure that another company is not using the same or a similar trademark. While filing for trademark rights, you must already have a graphical representation of the proposed teademrk. You should also identify the category of goods and services that the brand mark will apply to. You can apply for trademark protection online. The filing fees will be determined according to the number of classes of goods and services available and the form type. This process can be very complicated so I will advise that you retain the services of an attorney that specializes in trademark application. You can also check out the USPTO website for additional information. You can access the agency's contact information in case you want to make enquiries.

Trade Secrets
According to the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, a trade secret can be defined as "Information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, or process that derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to or readily ascertainable through appropriate means by other persons who might obtain economic value from its disclosure or use; and is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain its secrecy".Quite simply, it is any relevant bit of business information (device, formula or process) that business keep secret in a bid to get an edge over competing brands. Examples include survey results, customer lists, computer algorithms and, in the case of Coca Cola, soda formulas.  Unlike other forms of intellectual property however, trade secret cannot be protected by registration.


It is up to you to come up with the necessary protective measures that will ensure that the information remains secret. Companies use many means like post employment restrictive agreements and covenants, restricted access to the piece of information, and legal measures like nondisclosure agreements to protect their trade secrets.


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We use many means like post employment restrictive agreements and covenants, restricted access to the piece of information, and legal measures like nondisclosure agreements to protect their trade secrets.

How to choose a Intellectual Property Protection Lawyer

It is up to you to come up with the necessary protective measures that will ensure that the information remains secret.

Intellectual Property Protection

Unlike other forms of intellectual property however, trade secret cannot be protected by registration.

Protect original works of authorship

According to the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, a trade secret can be defined as "Information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method, technique, or process that derives independent economic value, actual or potential.

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